EVOPLUS - Tutorial

The Evoplus range can be used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residential and commercial buildings. Find out how they do it!


Choosing Evoplus means saving energy thus money and of course respecting the environment. The use of quality components and advanced electronics ensure high performance, low energy consumption and simple product installation and operation. The environmental impact is significantly reduced, thanks to a 70% reduction in energy consumption compared to a traditional circulator. Evoplus: Intelligence, eco-design and the latest technology at your service.

Course arguments:

  • How to lock and unlock the screen

  • How to do the electrical connections

  • How to configure language

  • How to manage faults and warnings

  • How to connect the input and output signals

  • How to configure the twin mode

  • How to set operating mode

  • EVOPLUS interface panel

  • How to have access to the operational parameters

  • How to reset default parameters

Course date:

- 01/03/2018 - Italian - English - French - Spanish

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