Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting


Thanks to the presence of many foreigners in the suburbs of Cape Town, besides the local cuisine, you can find food from all over the world. We all know that, wherever you are, pasta with tomato sauce, the most famous Italian dish, is never missing.

Rialto Food Factory is the company who provides the excellence of Italian products around South Africa. It operates by importing the finest food from Italy and guaranteeing its high-quality provenance. The name Rialto is taken from the famous bridge dominating the Grand Canal in the city of Venice. The plant of Rialto Food Factory is located in Montague Garden: here, a big area is destined to stock and warehouse, but there is also a section for food treatment (washing of vegetables for example). For the industrial processes, they need a large amount of pressurized water, so, supported by DAB sales agent, the plant manager chose Esytwin. Esytwin is an easy to install product who drastically reduces the time for commissioning.

The two pumps work together alternately (with water request up to 50%) or simultaneously (from 50% to full capacity). It is a smart booster set who manages the duty by itself, without any electrical panel or control system. The two pumps are then able to guarantee the function of back-up & rotation, who is essential in any production process. Nevertheless, the win condition for choosing Esytwin was the WRAS and ACS certifications provided with the product. In fact, thanks to the inert materials and the operation principle, Esytwin is able to guarantee the maximum hygiene of the treated water, which can be used also for food applications. Finally, to resist outdoor conditions, the two Esybox were equipped with an Esycover each.


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