The distinctive and unique features of the landscape in Cape Town make each quarter and the surrounding area to be discovered. For example, Century City is a commercial and residential area known for the Canal Walk Shopping Centre with over 400 stores. Athlone suburb is also called Cape flats, which is the symbol of the apartheid regime. Moreover, Constantia suburb is well known as the wine valley.

Virgin Active is a chain of about 60 health clubs located over the whole South African land, many of them in Western Cape. With the big number of dressing rooms and bathrooms requiring fresh water, Virgin Active Gyms can be compared to an industrial consumer. The water crisis that occurred in the early 2018 made serious troubles in the Western Cape, for this reason Virgin Active decided to invest in better water technologies. The water saving project was applied in more than 30 clubs, all of them choosing and installing DAB pumps. Among the list of products used for water treatment in the gym, we list:

- 32 Booster sets of 2 x KVC driven by Active Driver 60/120, essential for providing the correct constant pressure to sinks and showers, resulting in a better comfort, power saving and water saving.

- 8 Aquajet 82M, the all in one booster system, a ready to use solution which eliminates any installation duty.

- 15 KPF 30/16 M, the small but powerful peripheral pump, very reliable in performing its duty.

- 30 Feka VS 550 M to move grey water from sumps of bathrooms and showers to tanks with filtration system, in order to re-use the water in toilets again.

Further the good quality and efficiency of DAB products, the customer appreciated the completeness of DAB catalogue and the friendly relationship the DAB distributor was able to establish.