Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Swimming pool
Products: EUROSWIM


The Alila Vilas Uluwatu is a luxury hotel located on the south coast of the island of Bali, face to the sea. It’s part of the Alila management company, that operates in Indonesia, India and Oman, with headquarter in Singapore. The word Alila means "marvel" in Sanskrit. The building is complying several quality standards about modern design, service level and environment care. Being a customer of Alila Vilas Uluwatu hotel is also an act of charity: a percentage of the total incoming is devolved to improve the life conditions of Balinese children, as poverty is still a widespread problem in the island.    
For the renewal and enlargement of its water filtration system, Vilas Uluwatu chose DAB Pumps as a technical partner for the supply of 42 pumps. In a complex of infinity pools (where the pool borders mix with the horizon in an optical illusion), small lakes with water plants, waterfalls and fountains,  EUROSWIM was chosen as a superior quality equipment compared to other pumps.  
The better performances of EUROSWIM allowed a reduction of the total power of the system, thus reducing the energy consumption: 26 pumps over 42 are 2 HP, the remaining 16 pumps are 1.5 HP.