Where: Indonesia
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Swimming pool
Products: E.SWIM


In the south area of Jakarta, in the district of Perum Kemang Jaya, 15 km far from the centre, a high-end residential suburb gives accommodation to many rich or middle-class people, who can find the fresh comfort of nature and the silence of countryside, still living nearby the economic and business centre of the city.

In this district, three-storeys villas are surrounded by gardens with palms, sandalwood trees and flowers, as orchids and ferns. The swimming pool in such a garden is an added value to create a private comfortable Eden. This is also the case of Mr. Hafis’ house. Approached by Budi’s Pool Team, he accepted the deal of installing the innovative E.Swim 1.5 Hp for his pool.

The deal was to accept the higher technology of an electronic pump driven by VFD. The big advantage of choosing E.Swim is the variable performance, that makes the pump adaptable to different conditions of the pool and different filtration needs. The variable speed also enables a consistent energy saving, who guarantees a payback shorter than two years. But there are still many advantages to be listed: the big display with keyboard allows the end-user to command the pump the way he desires, a remote control of the pump is also possible, the liquid cooled motor performs in a very silent operation.

Probably, the incredibly low noise level of E.Swim is exactly the reason why Mr. Hafis chose E.Swim. Actually he was very satisfied by his choice and the assistance given by DAB promoter Budi’s Pool team “Bpk Mijan”. Also, being the first Indonesian customer installing an E.Swim, Mr. Hafis is now a celebrity and a dear friend for us!